Radiant CX


About Us

Radiant CX is a St. Louis-based consultancy, a group of specialists helping companies increase leadership and employee performance by building great culture. Our team grew out of years of experience in consumer research and marketing, organizational design and strategic communications. The strategic work we do engages and aligns people around shared vision and changes the way people work to drive measureable results. Whether the challenge is performance, adopting change, attracting talent or improving customer service, the answer is found in creating the right culture.

  • Amy Gwin

    Amy Gwin

    Co-Founder & Partner

    Amy Gwin has 20 years of experience in creative and strategic communications to drive change. She began her career as a TV news reporter, anchor and producer, capturing and telling stories to connect people and build understanding.

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  • Susan Franzen - Strategic Partner

    Susan Franzen - Strategic Partner

    Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant

    Susan serves as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Organizational Effectiveness at The University of Texas System. She recently led the broadest and deepest organizational assessment in the history of the UT System, engaging multiple levels of staff and faculty at all 14 institutions, leading to 26 recommendations for change.

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  • Linda Garavalia - Strategic Partner

    Linda Garavalia - Strategic Partner

    Consumer & Culture Insights Consultant

    For more than 25 years, Linda has immersed herself and brought her clients into the world of the customer and consumer. She loves hunting for fresh insights and creating new ways to engage people -- on their own terms, in their own worlds.

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  • Jeff Stevens - Strategic Partner

    Jeff Stevens - Strategic Partner

    Creative Director & Experiential Brand Strategist

    Jeff is the consummate transmedia storyteller, making deep brand engagement programs across all-platforms. His sole purpose is to assure that the work, and the ideas that inform it, is nothing short of great.

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