Radiant CX


Employee Engagement Campaign & Event


- 130 year old, $2.6 billion portfolio footwear company

- 1,100 store retail chain as well as several fashion and wholesale brands

- Employs more than 13,000 people, 1,000 at St. Louis HQ

The company is performing well but the CEO has an ambitious vision for growth and innovation requiring rapid change.


The company must become a more digital and customer-centric business. This requires an energized, change-ready culture - a culture of constant learning, collaboration and responsiveness.


The first step was understanding the current culture. We launched a thorough Discovery and Culture Map process. All kinds of great insights emerged that informed not only culture strategy but also other organizational change. 

After developing a strategy and plan, we created a culture brand and narrative to capture what it means to be a part of the organization, the vision for the future and what it will take to get there. The brand, YOUnited, identifies all culture activities and communications as special and belonging to everyone in the organization. 

We then reinvented communications launching a mobile/social engagement app for spontaneous interaction across the organization. We increased two-way dialogue, building connections and trust. 

Next, Radiant created a company wide culture event. Past employee events were business reports from podiums - this one is about empowerment and collaboration. We hosted employees in more intimate groups of 150. They began with open dialogue with the CEO and ended with creative, mob brainstorms to explore business challenges, real and imagined.  The message was clear: Individuals matter, collaboration is expected and it’s time for change!



- The Discovery process resulted in valuable insights on employees’ level of trust, engagement and support of the organization.

- Discovery participants reported the process increased their trust and buy-in for change.

- Employee surveys and feedback from leaders indicated a very high level of enthusiasm for the YOUnited brand and particularly the event. They indicated a high level of understanding of the company vision, values and objectives.

- The new communications approach resulted in the highest level of individual, spontaneous engagement the organization had ever seen.