Radiant CX


Engagement & Communications Initiative


This orgaization is a well-known and respected low-cost airline recognized for great culture and best-in-class customer service. The company employs more than 50,000 people.


The company has a strong culture but major changes, including a merger with another airline, a shift in business model and protracted union contract negotiations are creating uncertainty and acrimony in the organization. The company, known for its fun-loving family culture, is experiencing lower morale and recruiting challenges. It’s time to create clarity of messaging, unity among groups, and renewed energy inside the organization. 


During year 1, Radiant focused on achieving company goals of increasing collaboration and teamwork by creating and facilitating their first-ever Engagement Council made up of key individuals from all levels and disciplines accountable for change.

- With a new culture brand developed by an outside agency, we gave it meaning by defining it and creating a compelling change story, hand-in-hand with employees, and began socializing it through innovative communications.

- We drove attendance to their signature employee experience events through engagement campaigns and challenges designed to support culture brand messages.

- We expanded current communications strategies and started conversations well in advance of events and experiences to ensure we reached all employee groups and leaders. We followed up with a toolkit for managers to run smaller, more intimate group experiences in regional locations.

Year 2 Strategy is focused on individual & small team development programs, continuing to create innovative communications methods, and developing interactive campaigns and programs to meet 2017 change goals and exceed 2016 employee experience event attendance numbers. 


- Year 1 strategy resulted in a 31% increase in attendance at the company's hallmark series of employee experience events presented in 6 cities across the country.

- Significant attitude and sentiment increase on teamwork and trust issues as identified through surveys.