Radiant CX


Express Scripts - Engaging Employees Through Technology


- Fortune 50 company with almost 30,000 employees in the U.S. 

- Highly diverse workforce  

- Recent CEO change

- Acquisition strategy creating multiple, distinct cultures

- Low retention resulting in high turnover and replacement costs


With the majority of employees working outside of the St. Louis, Missouri headquarters, corporate was looking for greater connectivity between individuals, teams, and locations. A new initiative was developed internally and led by Express Scripts' Diversity & Inclusion discipline, called "I Am." This initiative was designed for employees to express their individuality and it spawned the development of several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), created for sharing and problem-solving around issues relevant to women, millennials, veterans, and the LGBTQ community. But just because you join a group, doesn't mean you'll be an active, contributing member. The challenge was to bring these people together to collaborate, innovate, problem-solve, and share knowledge, regardless of level, seniority, or location. The company's ultimate goal is better employee retention. 


Bonfyre, a mobile and desktop employee engagement platform, engaged Radiant to help create a strategy for the individual ERGs. The tool is perfect for connecting people in remote locations, but employees in these groups needed to understand the benefits to them. 

We began by understanding each ERGs vision, mission, and membership by doing Discovery work the groups' leadership. We worked to understand their goals and how they define great communication and collaboration. We then created a strategy and content plan, leveraging both internal and external resources. We also conducted training sessions to educate ERG audiences on how to use the tools to achieve their goals and objectives. 


- High levels of adoption of the tool as a resource for ERG information

- 59% engagement rate, defined as individuals creating content, sharing content, and commenting on other's content

- Successful connectivity between groups and locations, resulting in a larger corporate rollout beginning Fall 2016