Radiant CX


PowerPost - Culture & Employee Experience Design


- Rapidly growing, media content production & publishing company 

- Diverse population of employees working in 2 major midwest markets

- Recent acquisition merging two distinct cultures


PowerPost is in a highly competitive, fast-paced industry where trends evolve and change almost daily. Traditional organizational models and mindsets are no longer effective in the world of content creation and media publishing. Attracting and retaining the right talent for the right period of time would become central to achieving company goals of customer acquisition and growth. 


Radiant, along with Jeff Stevens Creative, worked with senior leadership to develop a strategy to bridge cultures in 2 different locations. We began by creating, defining, and sharing a set of company values that aligned with the business model and the types of people who work for the organization. These were integrated into goals and career maps and performance metrics to ensure they were more than just inspirational words on paper. 

We now had the foundation to build a strong culture brand to create unity and camaraderie across both St. Louis & Chicago offices. We landed on "Planet Content" as a way to describe the ethos for both the business model and expectations for delivering work to clients. The brand was created with input from leadership and employees to ensure it was authentic and ownable.

We then reinvented the Employee Experience from recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding, through performance, training, recognition and rewards. We threw out old models, broke all the rules, and aligned all of our thinking and programming to mirror the work and the industry, creating innovative programs to support a new kind of employee.  


- A consistent brand and experience that attracts the best talent to an ever-changing and growing organization 

- A shared sense of purpose and values to drive high performance

- Autonomous and empowered employees creating their own personalized experience at PowerPost